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Recruitment & Placement of Top Talent


Why Work With Us?

We are true partners in the hiring process.

This means we work closely with you and your team, sharing our expertise, experience, resources and relationships to bring you the most qualified individuals who also fit within your company culture. Our job is to help you grow your business while connecting candidates with their next right opportunity to make the most positive impact possible.

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What Sets Us Apart?

We care about you.

We genuinely enjoy matching companies with employees who'll love working for them and people with companies they'll love working for. Our approach was born out of treating every relationship with care and respect, communicating well in all directions, following through, and not giving up until everyone is satisfied. We have a track record of exceeding client expectations and often hear from clients and candidates that we are different from other firms.

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How are we different?

We pay attention.

Your needs are different than anyone else's. That's why we think it's important to listen well, pay attention to details, and always keep the lines of communication on all sides open. We know this is an essential investment for you and that you're looking for a long-term fit rather than a temporary fix.

We don't give up.

We promise to work tirelessly, using all our hiring expertise and specialized recruiting tools to find the most suitable candidates—from those looking for new opportunities to those you might not usually encounter.

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Real Estate Investment




Business Process Outsourcing

Public Relations



Medical Device


Marketing Manager

Vice President of Software

Contact Center Manager

Enterprise Sales Professional

Account Manager



Software Engineer

Executive Assistant

Office Manager

Managing Attorney


Legal Assistant

Account Executive


Director of Property Management

Director of Quality and Regulatory


Project Manager

Customer Support Professional

Account Supervisor

Cosmetology Educator



Product Marketing Manager

Dealer Marketing Manager

Manager of Production

Finance Analyst

Who We Work With


Our Values


We bring our best to everything we do, always working with excellence and the utmost professionalism. We pay attention to details and always finish the job. We don’t quit before the right candidate is found.


We can be trusted and choose honesty even when it costs us something. We value accountability and both mean and do what we say.


We carefully and responsibly manage all things and people entrusted to our care. We respect and value all people that we interact with and treat them with professional, authentic kindness. 


We communicate thoroughly and proactively with candidates, clients, and each other. We work to anticipate questions and needs before they are asked.


We work hard at what we do and also work not to take ourselves too seriously and have fun along the way.

Evie S., Healthcare

"Their respect for time and resources is why any person/company/organization would benefit greatly from using WiseHR Group!"

Mike L., Technology

"The WiseHR Group was outstanding! I have worked with many recruiters and have had average results, but this team is 100% on quality candidates. I would highly recommend them for your next employee search."

Kristin W., Manufacturing Technology

The WiseHR Group provided very thorough notes from all calls to the candidate's references and provided honest feedback. We could not be happier with our new hire, and I would highly recommend WiseHR Group!

Reach Out

3600 Bridge Point Parkway

Austin, Texas 78730

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