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Refining Hiring Practices in 2023

While some have held out hope that RTO is coming in full force, many businesses of all sizes have decided to take the plunge into remote hiring after deciding that the hiring standards set during the pandemic may be here to stay. Many large companies have had remote employees and long distance colleagues for years, but in today’s world, that type of employment is common no matter what your size of business.

The Challenges

If you’re like many businesses on the hunt for qualified new employees, you’ve probably noticed that the hiring market continues to be tight in many areas across the country, potentially including your local hiring area. Maybe you’ve been forced to open up some of those remote roles in order to bring more hands on deck. When you’re opening up the pool from your city, to a whole state, or possibly the entire country, you then have to re-narrow your search to find candidates who are truly qualified. It’s a challenge to be competitive in a job market where you’re looking for the same types of candidates as high profile companies. They say that hiring new employees for a job is a full time job itself. Managers often find that when they are focusing on hiring, their general work has to take a back seat.

The Wise Choice in People

When you allow professional recruiting firms to take on the role of hiring, your employees are allowed to continue their core work. At WiseHR Group, we have exceptional databases and unique tools that allow us to specialize in talent acquisition, even in tight hiring markets. These tools allow us to figure out what skills and talents our partners seek, take that information back to the marketplace, and bring in people who are the right fit. Whether you’ve decided to open up that hiring pool or you’re staying with local candidates, at WiseHR Group, we pride ourselves on consistently meeting the needs of our partners. We believe the perfect candidate is always out there, and we can find them.

Let’s Get Started

What makes your business unique? What are the attractive things about your business that make your employees passionate about their work? Is there a charity you support? What is your mission statement? Why do you believe your business is important and necessary? Make a list of what you feel makes your place of work THE place to work, and what makes your business competitive. These are factors you can share with your partners at WiseHR Group that will allow our team to become your cheerleaders as we seek out qualified candidates. At WiseHR Group, we are passionate about bringing the right people into the businesses we support, and we would be thrilled to help out your team next. When you find yourself running into some of these common challenges, call WiseHR Group and let us help you make a wise choice in people.


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